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Chimera - Opening Theme Chimera - Opening Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wonderful theme, well encapsulated and explored in the short time that's given to it - perfectly well fitting with the polished, dark look of the entry sequence.
If there would ever be a possibility for the expanded version that doesn't fall off at the climax but continues, in the ever increasing crescendo, giving more time to spread it's wings and pick up the listener just enough to drop them off in a satisfying diminuendo, it would make a great track 90-210 seconds long.

Basset-Hound responds:

Hey thanks for the review!
I was thinking about making a longer version but I don't think I have the concentration to work any further on this song again. I have too many other songs that I need to get out of my mind first.

Bell Hop Sky High Bell Hop Sky High

Rated 5 / 5 stars

There is something...

Despite it's a loop, there is that little SOMETHING inside it, that makes you feel... Good.
And that SOMETHING is the driving force for the FP. Keep experimenting with this style technique - it is badass, not so much of what heard on NG.
You could silence the last 1-2 seconds, so the loop is not so obviously noticed.

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Everlasting-Elements responds:

That's sweet you felt good, cuz I felt great making this.

thanks for the review.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The reason why even remember Madness

It's bitty repetitive maybe, but that fact loses itself when you hear the backdrops. (were they called that?)

Song breaks necks, and the melody rhyming in the whereabouts of ~5:30 until the end make it even more harmonic to listen to. Especially the bells of 6:20. I actually listened to the song because of that moment.
About not being Madness style - well, if you have listened to Calliope for 9000 times, you might find this song different, but it brings new personalities into the Madness series, changes the way Hank looks, places a new arch-enemy in Tricky's place, and makes the secondary heroes to save Hank - that hasn't happened before.
So let's think that this wasn't Hank's choice of tunes, but of Deimos and the other guy.

cheshyre responds:

thanks! I like that you said this song "breaks necks". that's just plain bad ass. Thanks!

Schlag Mich! [wsk] Schlag Mich! [wsk]

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Breaks them ducks!
0:55 sounds like a climax breakdown. Distortion does not sound over sickinated, but, well, porn... Porn is porn, nothing to do if industrial musicians like it, fits enough.

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wandschrank responds:

The internet is for porn! ;D

Thanks for your review!

Sunshaft - Nuclear Warhead Sunshaft - Nuclear Warhead

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Feels god, and it aint a typo

Song feels badass - enough moments when you think that the song has ended, but it continues, and constant "line of drama", stops for bass - fits perfectly inside Desintegration, except that it's a liiiitle short there.
Happy Madness Day - your contribution to it is pleasant as an icy wind in hell - I haven't found very much of good D'n'B lately - but your creation is one of the many gems on Newgrounds!

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Sunshaft responds:

Thanx. ...I didnt know desintegration will be that long.

Broken Rollercoaster Broken Rollercoaster

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pom pom pom!

I like this very much because it's different from regular Dn'B - the soft beats make it easier and more variable to listen.
The overall style of the track feels like it's some sketch, with people constantly remaking some sort of a scene, and evry time when the beats run in, they are rewinded forward, but when it stops for a bit to show the sound, the director speaks with the crew, has a smoke, or tells that it's totally wrong.

This has my 10/5 and a cookie award for inspiration.

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Pocketpod responds:

Thanks for your Kind Words !

Glad i Could inspire you:)

-=The Annex=- -=The Annex=-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Is a place for a headshake

I can tell one thing for sure - you worked on this thing. I can not make or call myself an expert in music, at least in Drum N' Bass, but I found this track very interesting judging from a fact that it actually had more than 3 intruments in it.
And in places when I was expecting to hear plain bass, I heard nice accords. In case of dancing to this music (I am the dancing type) this means that except of already kicked off shuffle foot moves you can also add hand waves and let your body be more plastic.

It's a well deserved 10.

P.S. Also the sayings - are they quotes from "Pirates of The Carribean" or something? Because I definaetly heard "Release the Kraken" there.

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TheBiocide responds:

Thanks a lot for that, man! Really glad you could enjoy and appreciate it like that. That means a lot to me, it really does.

And you were close, the vocal samples are from "Clash of the Titans" xD

Experiment #7 Experiment #7

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Although I am not an expert in music styles, industrial seems the most suitable for me.

As I see from other reviews, your track complies with all the canons of industrialn, and this made me understand what this style is -

Tense, jumpy, with a story evolving. It's like an experiment who tries to run away from the Scary Secret Laboratory. And in the end it gets their memory erased, and the song restarts, and it tries to escape again! So the repetitivity of the beginning and the end is more like a plus here.

Great song! Downloading and giving a cookie if I would be able to!

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Elfire responds:

thanks for the review, great stuff.

Yeh i love industrial because like "rock" it can apply to so many different sub styles. This was a play with fusing harsh percussion and strings. Glad so many people have given positive reviews because when making something like this its impossible to tell how it will be received.

- Elfire